The skin and brain enhance each other.

We are now entering an era where skin care begins with the brain.

When a person is curious about something, the brain emits messages that course through the body,
and to the skin.
This is what POLA has discovered.
When the receptors in the skin increase, so does the skin’s resilience.
Indeed, the skin and the brain enhance each other.

So when the skin receives these messages of curiosity, it produces tenascin-X, a protein that gives the skin its resilience and elasticity.
This helps to generate a proper amount of space in the skin’s structure, and create resilient skin that seems to spring back from the inside.

Introducing B.A Grandluxe III. Beauty is about to change, and it begins with the brain.
Curiosity will drive the evolution of both humanity and the skin—starting now.


POLA’s ultimate brand has arrived at this approach to anti-aging care.
Apply the serum to your skin, and feel how it springs back from the inside.

Adding Rucinol®, the active ingredient for brightening in the White Shot brand,
to the Golden LP featured in B.A Skin Care.
This one bottle contains the beauty ingredients that represent POLA.

On Sale November 1, 2019

[Quasi-drug] (facial serum)


Welcome to the future of cosmetics.

Achieve radiant clarity, and a sense of rebounding elasticity.
This concentrated beauty serum spreads easily on to the skin, and feels like the cream is transforming into an oil.
Functioning both as a beauty serum and milk, this one bottle is all you need to apply after a lotion to finish your basic skin care.

During your skin care routine, and even outside of it, this design will continue to capture your curiosity.

An oval shape that opens into a spiral, and an elegantly curved silhouette. The product’s design was conceived from the beautiful Fibonacci sequence and catenary curves that are found in nature. Remove the organic black cover to reveal a sparkling silver bottle. Then turn the dial on the top to release the serum. The entire design is to stimulate your curiosity, both when you use the bottle and even just gazing at it.

Fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci sequence
A number sequence arranged in an order of infinite mystery, and which governs the natural world. This shape expands into an endless array of patterns, from a galactic vortex to sunflower seeds. The curved lines drawn in a Fibonacci sequence are arranged in a golden ratio, so they will appear universally beautiful to people in all ages.

When looking at the container from right above it, the design resembles the Fibonacci sequence, which is used to express “an endless curiosity.”

Catenary curves

Catenary curves
These natural curves are created by a “force of gravity” that the eyes cannot perceive. Catenary curves are used in buildings and other structures for their mechanical stability and aesthetic appeal.

When viewed from the side, the container has a shape similar to catenary curves. It expresses the hidden strength found within beauty.


  • Origami
    The box is inspired by the art of origami, which shapes a single piece of paper into a variety of forms using a series of folds. It is a microcosm of the intelligence of Japanese people.
    The box fans out the moment you open it, depicting the expansion of your own self.
  • Just like a picture book
    The inside of the box has the Grandluxe III graphic placed at various angles, so you can see it when viewed from the side or diagonally. It is designed to expand the sensation and perspective of how you view things. The box expresses our desire for customers to make a new discovery, as if they are looking at an exquisite picture book opening up in front of them.


“B.A Grandluxe III Art Edition”

A neuroscience approach to anti-aging skin care.

Messaging substances in our brain (neurotransmitters, hormones, etc.) are what control our emotions, and act on various organs in the body. This time the B.A Research Center discovered the connection between the skin and neurotransmitters related to "curiosity."

Brain Crosstalk Cycle

  1. 1

    Messaging substances are secreted by the brain when we feel curious about something.

  2. 2

    Touching resilient skin further fuels our curiosity

  1. 1Messaging substances secreted by the brain when we are curious enhance the skin’s resilience.

    The B.A Research Center has made a new discovery: The messaging substances "noradrenaline" and "oxytocin" are secreted from the brain and act on dermal cells in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to increase the production of tenascin-X, which helps give the skin its resilience.

    Furthermore, we also confirmed that cells with more receptors to catch noradrenaline and oxytocin can make greater use of even more messaging substances from the brain, and subsequently stimulate the production of the skin elasticity factor tenascin-X.

  2. 2Touching resilient skin further fuels our curiosity

    The B.A Research Center has discovered touching resilient skin increases our curiosity even more, and this can also further activate the region of the brain connected to curiosity.

    The B.A Research Center has named the theory that focuses on the connection between the skin and brain centering on curiosity as the “Brain Crosstalk Cycle.” Using this neuroscience-based approach to skin care, we are aiming to create just the right amount of space in the skin’s structure, so as to give it a resilience and elasticity that feels like the skin is springing back from the inside when you touch it.

This one bottle contains the beauty ingredients that represent POLA.

Adding Rucinol®, the active ingredient for brightening in the White Shot brand, to the Golden LP featured in B.A Skin Care. This one bottle contains the beauty ingredients that represent POLA.
It is time to introduce your skin to a new dimension of beauty.

Enrich your skin and senses as you complete your skin care routine.

Envelop yourself in an imaginative aroma that beautifully transforms over time. Experience for yourself the sensation of your skin plumping up and your creativity blossoming.

  • 1Gently work the product into the skin with palm of your hands to increase its penetration.
  • 2Move along the natural line of your face up to the cheekbone area. Gently push the product into the soft areas with the fleshy section of your four fingers.

Skin care steps

B.A Grandluxe III is a beauty serum that functions as both a serum and milk. B.A Grandluxe III is all you need after applying lotion to finish your basic skin care. Please adjust the amount of serum used according to your unique skin concerns and condition, and then apply some cream after using the serum.

* Please use the serum according to your skin concerns and condition. Please make sure to cleanse your skin when applying makeup and sunscreen products.

Turn the dial to let the serum and your curiosity flow.

  • 1Remove the black cover by lightly pressing the finger hold at the bottom of the bottle with your finger.

  • 2Slowly turn the dial at the tip of the bottle until you can feel it click.

  • 3Scoop up the serum that flows out from the center of the bottle, and apply it to your skin.


[Quasi-drug] (facial serum)

50 g Full Size Bottle: ¥72,000 (incl. tax: ¥79,200)

Refill: ¥69,000 (incl. tax: ¥75,900)

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