This brightening is big news.

The first newly approved brightening active ingredient in ten years in Japan.
The release of WHITE SHOT LOTION + MILK.
POLA has advanced to the next stage of brightening.


First skin brightening active ingredient approved in the market for 10 years

The skin brightening market has steadily expanded ever since the first brightening active ingredient was developed in Japan in the 1980s. Since 2009, however, no new active ingredients for brightening appeared. Obtaining approval of new active ingredients has been considered very difficult. Finally, POLA has made a breakthrough, with the approval of PCE-DP*1its first new active ingredient in 10 years.


New approach
“Energy Brightening”*2

The focus to epidermal cells.

Previously, a melanocyte approach was most common in skin brightening reseach. We changed the brightening mechanism of suppressing melanin production by melanocytes, shifting the focus to epidermal cells.

Enhancing the energy of epidermal cells

The aim of PCE-DP*1,our new brightening active ingredient, is to enhance the energy of epidermal cells, to create strong cells, even if they are not protected by melanin. PCE-DP*1,explosively enhances the energy of cells and suppresses the accumulation of melanin, thereby preventing pigmentation and freckles. Enhancing the energy of epidermal cells opens up a new era in skin brightening.

A dramatic shift in thinking, for a totally new approach

Melanin is in fact an essential substance for protecting the nucleus inside cells. Thus, if cells can defend themselves, melanin is not needed. Our research was based on the idea that if cells are full of energy, brightening might be possible without relying on melanin. By going back to basics to investigate why melanin is necessary, we realized that our brightening research had been stuck in investigations about how to prevent the increase of melanin. The classic brightening active ingredient of WHITE SHOT, Rucinol ®, works by suppressing the production of melanin. Now, following the success of this approach, we were able to shift our thinking to discover PCE-DP*1, our new active brightening ingredient that works by enhancing the energy of epidermal cells.

Pola Chemical Industries Research Center
Product development Lead
Shoko Sassa

Achieve beautiful skin as well as skin brightening!
We got many feedback from cosmetics industry.

  • A new era in skin brightening care

    I hesitated to focus solely on brightening care because I believed that skin beauty care was an indispensable part of basic care. What changed my mind was the new WHITE SHOT brightening products, featuring the first active ingredient approved in 10 years. My whole attitude to brightening has changed. I feel like I have a freshly awakened capacity to beautify skin. I assume this is the result of the "Energy Brightening" mechanism, which focuses on epidermal cells. I am convinced that a new era in skin brightening has arrived.

    Beauty journalist
    Sawako Abe

  • Unlocking the skin’s “full beauty potential”

    WHITE SHOT has opened the door to the next generation of skin brightening. The new focus on enhancing energy awakens the skin’s natural brightening power, which is a powerful ally in acting not only to brighten skin, but also to beautify it. Try it yourself to unlock the skin’s “full beauty potential” and experience gorgeous, radiant skin.

    Total Beauty Adviser
    Mariko Mizui

  • The true skin brightening care I always wanted is now within easy reach

    | For everyone, including myself, who has worked hard on basic skin brightening, this is good news. Newly approved brightening active ingredient PCE-DP*1 the first skin brightening quasi-drug active ingredient approved for 10 years, works in a new way. By enhancing the energy of epidermal cells, the commands to produce and receive melanin are eliminated, and WHITE SHOT’s already strong Self-clearing Function is promoted even further. Since the energy of the epidermal cells increases explosively, the potential brightening power is greater than ever. Furthermore, since WHITE SHOT includes beauty ingredients as well as the active ingredient for brightening, it represents the true and complete skin care solution I have always really wanted.

    Miho Ishii

Making skin not just brighter, but also more beautiful.
The release of lotion and milk, from WHITE SHOT, through the inclusion of PCE-DP*1
Enhancing the energy of skin cells, to create lustrous, clear skin.

  • A cloudy brightening lotion with a mild texture

    White Shot LX

    Sold as: WS LOTION LX

    150mL 5.0 Fl. Oz. (Approx. 3 months)
    JPY 12,100 including tax

    ・Fragrance-free, no color additives
    ・Allergy tested
    (Not guaranteed to be non-allergenic for all persons.)

  • Gel-textured brightening milk gently melts into your skin

    White Shot MX

    Sold as: WS MILK MX

    78g NET WT. 2.7 Oz. (Approx. 3 months)
    JPY 12,100 including tax

    ・Fragrance free, No color additives,
    ・Allergy tested
    (Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)

After 10 years,
Raise the curtain on a new brightening.

This brightening is big news.
The first newly approved brightening active ingredient in ten years in Japan.
The release of WHITE SHOT LOTION + MILK.
POLA has advanced to the next stage of brightening.

POLA discovered a new brightening active ingredient: PCE-DP*1.
And from that discovery,
the idea of “Energy Brightening” was born.
It explosively enhances the energy of epidermal cells.
Awaken your latent brightening power,
all to create radiant skin bestowed with luster and clarity.

Go beyond conventional thinking,
continuously update the very concept of brightening
for all women, and for you.
This mission is in every drop of WHITE SHOT.

Newly approved: New brightening active ingredient PCE-DP*1
It explosively enhances the brightening energy of epidermal cells.
POLA WHITE SHOT LX & MX available now.

※1 PCE-DP: brightening active ingredient Dexpanthenol W.
※2 Energy Brightening:inhibits melanin production by increasing energy in epidermal cells and promoting cell turnover.

※Brightening: inhibits melanin accumulation, and prevents pigmentation and freckles.
※Rucinol®: 4-butylresorcinol
※After 10 years; Newly approved: approved as a quasi-drug enriched with a new brightening active ingredient. Based on quasi-drug approval information from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, as of December 2018.
※Increasing the energy in skin cells: inhibits melanin production by increasing energy in epidermal cells and promoting cell turnover.
※Explosively: to increase energy production by activating a citric acid cycle in epidermal cells that are usually inactive.